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Mar 16, 2013

felt something strange

hui huii huiii ~
lama ta update blog . well , my teacher said , we have to type in english . it will improve our english skill . yet , did i ? huahuahua .
i will do it in bahasa rojak way . so you guys can understand both , what , so annoying me . kahkah . actually i didn't know what to talk about now , just trying to update this , wah it is better in english , well i can do it like a drama here . lololololol .
as you do not know , last week , i'd a forum , what they called  a forum remaja thing , it is good thing to try but , yeah , we lose . i do hope for the first place but yet , no chance because we had only like 2 days of practice before the day . before the 2 days , we had our test . well , good me , kind of surprise when I've got an A for addmath , don't believe huh ? yeah , me too . but it just a test . i have to practice more -.-'
why am i talking in english now ? so dafuq . 
okaylah , cakap bahasa melayu pulak .  bagi menjaga kedaulatan bahasa melayu . hhu .
ape yg strange eh ? emm entahlah , sejak kebelakangan ni , aku asyik mcm makin lama makin benci or menyampah pulak dgn dia tu . do not know why . that person doesn't make any mistakes towards me . i guess it is just me that hate the person day by day . i hope it'll not to turn out to be an enemy .
k lah , nak wt kerja . bubye ^^ 

thanks reading , byeee

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